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Drink local, drink Jolival

Jolival spring water has been preserved and filtered in the charente rock for more than 20,000
years.Low in mineral content, Jolival’s spring water can be consumed every day.


“Strength of trace element”

Chambon is a weakly mineralized mineral water; it contributes to the balance and well-being of everyone and is particulary suitable for the preparation of baby bottles.


“Daily well-being”

Rich in bicarbonates, its health benefits are recognized by the academy of Medicine.


“Mineral and responsible”

Biovive is natural mineral water naturally protected by a preserved spring in the heart of the Landes.
Low mineral content make it suitable for the whole family, even newborns.

VICHY Célestins

“VICHY Celestins, I feel beautiful, it values me”

To drink a VICHY Celestins glass each morning is the secret for a radiant complexion. Recognised for its digestive virtues*, it supports daily meals while providing its natural sparkle and its mineral wealth.
*Mineral water stimulates the digestion


Vernière natural mineral water originates from the rocks of Haut Languedoc Regional Natural Park. Drawn from a village called Les Aires (Hérault department), Vernière is the pride of it. Calcic, magnesian and bicarbonated, its delicate taste and its fine bubbles please all tastes! Vernière is a water committed to the environment. Vernière’s bottle is made from 100% recycled materials. 

Mont Dore

My water? It is Mont Dore!

Ultimate Auvergne water, in the heart of the Sancy massif, Mont Dore is mountain water. Its quality is guaranteed by the natural filtration of volcanic rocks.
With a soft and light taste, it is a water for families, to consume daily.


“Daily hydration”

Originally from the heart of Alps, Thonon offers the naturalness and purity of great mineral water. Light and pleasant, it is appropriate for everyone, at any time.


“Ardeche sparkles”

Mineral water sources of Vals are located in the city of Vals les Bains, at the heart of the Ardeche young volcanos. Served at the France kings’ courts, Vals mineral water is one of the earliest Known Sources (1602), and pleases to everyone with these tonics bubbles.