Since its creation in 1954, Sources Alma has not stopped innovating in order to meet all your needs. N°1 in France thanks to Cristaline, Sources ALMA offers premium quality waters to everyone.

  • Creation


    Since its creation, ROXANE works in the water field and soft drinks. Five years later Pierre PAPILLAUD took it over.

  • Bottling


    Roxane, first company in France to bottle still drinks under aseptic process. 35 years of experience!

  • The arrival of Cristaline brand

    The arrival of Cristaline brand

    Cristaline quickly become the first bottled water in France1 and French’s favorite water².
    1 IRI Share Market Volume 2013
    2 Toluna 2017>

  • New brands acquisition

    New brands acquisition

    With the acquisition of a great brands portfolio (VICHY Celestins, St Yorre, Chateldon, Thonon, Verniere and Pierval), ROXANE is on the top 3 on the bottled water market.

  • Innovation


    Since 2000, Sources ALMA (formely Roxane) has distinguished itself by an innovative commercial and marketing policy. It is in that trend that new launching of mineral waters Courmayeur in 2000 and Rozana in 2006. Sources ALMA is expanding internationally and is present today in more than 70 countries.

  • Recycling


    Creation of a PET recycling plant at Lesquin in northern France. A unique initiative in France.

  • St Amand group shareholders

    St Amand group shareholders

    Sources ALMA (formely Roxane) becomes a shareholder in the Saint Amand group. The new unity therefore consolidates its position on the bottled water market with brands such as Saint-Amand, Montcalm and Saint Antonin.

  • Creation Mont-Blanc Brand

    Creation Mont-Blanc Brand

    Launch of Mont-Blanc natural mineral water.

  • Ecobox


    Setting up of the first collecting machine for empty plastic bottles in an Auchan car park.
    Launch of Cristaline fruit juice.

  • New attached cap

    New attached cap

    Launch of the attached cap to its bottle which does not get lost in nature.

  • R-PET


    Integration of at least 20% R-PET in 1.5l cristaline bottles.
    Ronan PAPILLAUD takes over from Pierre PAPILLAUD as group President.

  • Environmentally friendly

    Environmentally friendly

    Setting up of the 70th ecobox collection machine in the car parks of Auchan stores. The new tethered cap is now present on all sizes of still bottles Cristaline water, Pierval spring water and Thonon mineral water.

  • Roxane becomes Sources Alma.

    Roxane becomes Sources Alma.

    Roxane changes name and becomes Sources Alma.