A bottle 100% recycling PET

The bottle is indispensable to guarantee the water quality and its availability until you drink it.
We decide to replace PVC by PET and this has been in place since 1992, this was considered a revolution for the bottled water insdustry. Perfectly neutral, PET don’t contain bisphenol or phtalate.

Flexible, light, neutral, PET plastic allows the weight of bottles to be reduced and so reduces the environmental impact.

100% recyclable, PET gives water bottles a second life. Once sorted by the consumer, the empty plastic bottle is transformed back into a new plastic material … which can be used to make many everyday objects or … Even better, new bottles! 

Unlike many packaging, water bottles are integrally recyclable: from the PET plastic bottle to its PEHD cap (Polyethylene High Density).

    • Thanks to the consumers triage actions and to the collect system, bottles are recycled. As a result, the PET water bottle can have a new life. It is transformed to a new plastic object as pen, polar textile, duvet, insulating materials… or a new PET bottle!
    • In 2009, Sources ALMA are directly committed in favour of recycling by creating ROXPET, its own recycling subsidiary in Lesquin in Les Hauts de France. A unique project in France. After usage, PET bottles are collected and sent crushed to ROXPET where they are transformed to recycled PET, which will be used to make new water bottles.
    • Do you know it?
    • 1.5l Cristaline bottles contain at least 25% of recycled plastic All of our large format bottles as Thonon, Mont blanc, Courmayeur, Pierval, St Amand … contain a part of recycled plastic. Montcalm bottle is made from 100% recycled plastic.
Since 2015, Sources ALMA install some collect points for empty bottles on car park, principally Auchan. They directly collect bottles from the consumers who recycle their empty bottles. The collected bottles are crushed by a machine and sent to ROXPET to become recycled plastic, which will be used for the new water bottles production.

This is the creation of a real circular economy!

  • Do you know it? 
Today, more than 90 collect machines are operational everywhere in France! List on moneaucristaline This logo means packaging is recyclable and it is necessary to sort it.
  •  Sources ALMA has been committed for more than 25 years to Citeo (Eco packaging) and finance the collect and water bottle sorting after usage. This engagement has created some recycling facilities for PET bottles.
  • Sources ALMA communicate on the bottles and in its TV advertisements to teach the recycling actions. In fact, sorting is an indispensable step to recycle: any sorted bottles can be recycled!
  • With the extension of sorting instructions at national level, all films from water packs will soon be recyclable.


  • Do you know it?
    From now on, the film of the pack of 6 Thonon 1,5L bottles includes 50% recycled plastic.
  • For more than20 years, Sources ALMA reduce bottles and packaging weight. Lighter bottles, it is less PET used! Thanks to research and development investments and industrial expertise some optimisation are possible.
    For example, 1.5L Thonon bottles reduced from 45g to 23g in 2012 and 22g in 2019. The pack film from 80g in 1995 to 45g in 2013 and finally the cover from 120g in 1998 to 90g in 2013!
  • Cristaline bouteille la plus légère
  •  Do you know it?  The Cristaline bottle is among the lightest on the market: about 20g for 1.5L bottle and less than 10g for 50cl bottle.

In 2016, Sources ALMA implemented for some of its brands, a very unique cap that is attached to the bottle. The new cap means that it stays with the bottle so that it is no longer lost in nature. An innovation that inspired the European Parliament to make the attached cap mandatory for all drinks from 2024.

Together, let’s respect nature! 
Little by little, our still water bottles (Cristaline, Thonon, Pierval …) equip themselves with an eco-responsible cap. Why is this cap environmentally friendly and important to Sources ALMA environmental impact.

  •  You cannot lose it in the nature!
  • In fact, we know that removal able cap can found in the eco system. Wildlife such as seabirds find it hard to differentiate between these caps and food, this can result in the death of seabirds.
    Thanks to this attached cap, we can help win the fight of litter in the environment.
  •  Recycling improvement
  • The bottle and its cap are 100% recyclable: making it easier for you deposit them in the sorting bin so 100% of the caps will have the chance to be recycled!
  • Less plastic
  • The bottle and the cap are produced with less plastic material, so we preserve our natural resources.

In addition, this cap is:

Practical: it opens in a “clic” and closes itself when you push it back and hear the “clic”. The opening is much easier than traditional caps for children and adults! It closes in a “clac”.

More hygienic: no risk of dropping the cap or contaminating it by coming into contact with a dirty surface as it never leaves the bottle!

Sources ALMA are doing all they can to develop a respectful activity for the environment, responsible and efficient. In this way, we choose optimum transport and expedition solutions to minimize the environmental footprint.

We emphasise rail transport and road-rail transport when as soon as we can

Unique multi regional implementation of the Cristaline factories offers to serve the customers faster, reducing the distance travelled and favoring direct deliveries to the store. 

We have increased the quantity of loaded merchandises by lorry by increasing the number of bottles by pallet, that permits minimize carbon emissions

We require lorries with Euro6 standards to minimize the fuel consumption

We also introduced gas lorries on our fleet