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“With St-Yorre, it is strong, it is very strong!”

St-Yorre, the daily form water. It differs by a very high minerality: more than 4g/litre.
St-Yorre daily supports you with all its minerals for an optimum hydration. Ideal for good meals, and in hot conditions, it is also the favourite water of sportswomen and sportsmen.

Saint Antonin

“The women’ best friend is an angel”

Saint Antonin natural mineral water is collected at the heart of Aveyron gorges. For centuries, it is considered as therapy water, for its exceptional qualities. Consumers will really like it soft and pleasant taste.

Saint Amand

“All the spirit of the North in a bottle”

Mineral and natural water St Amand comes from another source “artesian”.
Water emerges naturally and is collected more than 90 meters in depth of a protected zone from external pollution.
Saint Amand offers a complete range adapted for everyone needs and desires.


“My natural magnesium, this is Rozana!”

At the foot of Auvergne volcanoes, emerges Rozana: naturally sparkling water. Light and harmonious, Rozana is a magnesium, calcic and bicarbonate water.


“The water of lightness”

Pierval is a spring water from Normandy. Light and low mineralized, it hydrates families everyday.


“Hydration and environment respect”

It is in Ariège, at an altitude of 1 100m, in the heart of the d’Auzat valley, that Montcalm natural mineral water is capted. In 2010, it was the first 1.5l bottle of mineral water made from 100% recycled plastic.

Mont Blanc

“Purity reaches peak levels”

At the heart of Mont Blanc, the highest summit in Europe, nature creates natural mineral water: Mont Blanc. In this majestic, pure and authentic place, Mont Blanc offers high quality mineral water, with a soft and pleasant taste. Low mineral content, it perfectly answers to infant hydration.


Our body deserves the best

Women look for the best for hydration. The natural mineral water COURMAYEUR responds perfectly to their needs as it gives natural minerals needed : calcium, magnesium, sulfates…


“King’s water”

Rare and rich in minerals, Chateldon is a delicately sparkling water emerging at the heart of Puy de Dome. It was known at the counts of kings Louis XIV and Louis XV in Versailles for its advantages, and recommended by kings’ doctors. This unique, aerial and finely sparkling water has never left the prestigious tables.


French’s favourite water*

Cristaline is a high quality spring water with a price accessible to all. Cristaline draws its water from several springs in France.
*Sources : Kantar et IRI 2023