Some of sparkling water are salted, is it salt?
Some people find a particular taste in sparkling water, like salt. But it is sodium bicarbonate, not to be confused with sodium chloride (table salt).

To make a difference between salt and sodium is essential because we recommend reducing salt consumption (sodium chloride). In food, sodium comes from sodium chloride.
However, in mineral and sparkling waters, sodium comes from sodium bicarbonate. Some scientific researches (JJ Helwig – “Medicine and nutrition 2008” vol.44 n°1 p.29-37) demonstrate, opposite to salt, sodium bicarbonate hasn’t effects on hypertension.
All adult in good health can daily drink sparkling waters rich in sodium bicarbonate (as St-Yorre and VICHY Celestins) and benefit of their mineral wealth.
Sodium is necessary for good function of muscular system. It accelerates water absorption by favouring a quick rehydration. During sustained effort, it is recommended to choose sodium water (more than 200mg of sodium by litre)

*In case of serious pathology (cirrhosis, heath failure, edema) patient can be subjected by his doctor to a strict diet without sodium. Ask recommendation to your doctor.