Mineral and still water

Water for every need!
We have water with various mineralities. Our specificity is to be able to offer waters with unique benefits, rich in minerals (more than 1500mg of minerals per liter) but also fairly mineralized waters to consume on all occasions and also some weakly mineralized (less than 500mg of minerals / liter) including those recommended for feeding babies.

Sparkling mineral waters

One of our principal specialties is to offer waters that are naturally sparkling, that means with natural bubbles, from the course of water in the rocks. Natural carbonated is rare on the bottling water market; most of the bottling waters add carbonated gas.
We are especially known for the benefits of some or our exceptional mineral wealth from some of our sparkling mineral waters.

Spring waters

Cristaline, the favourite water of the French*!
Our spring waters are high in many qualities, which is why Cristaline has become the favourite water of the French.* Refreshing and light waters made to recharge your batteries gently and strongly appreciated for daily consumption.
*Sources 2018: Iri, Kantar, Prométhée, Toluna, Promise Consulting

Glass bottles

We offer waters with varied mineralities, spring or sparkling, all high qualities, are adapted for the restoration and answering to our customers’ requirements. As a good wine, natural mineral waters are a real asset of the French gastronomic heritage.
Discover our brands: www.eauxdeprestige.com

Flavoured waters
Spring water for a variety of pleasures! For all your tasty breaks, Cristaline is also available in a fruit-juice-flavoured, with a natural flavour, or even flavored with organic fruit juice! Sweeter than soft drinks, more original than still water, these tasty recipes will please young and older people at any time of the day.
Others drinks

For 64 years, Sources ALMA has a knowledge within the flavored soft drinks sector. Thanks to our own production lines, we can offer you more and more choice !
Whether it is soda or juice, there are products for every one !