08/2013 - Health section
St-Yorre and VICHY Célestins bring a sparkle to the morning after!
Christmas and New Year are a time for conviviality and the good things in life, a celebration of the family coming together and the pleasures of good food and wine. But every celebration has its morning after and these can sometimes prove difficult… The best thing to do to make sure you have a good Christmas and New Year is drink St-Yorre and VICHY Célestins!

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04/2013 - Health section
VICHY Célestins is changing its bottle… but not its mineral content!
Transparent, reflecting the great purity of VICHY Célestins water, the new bottle is designed to combine elegance and practicality. The change aims to make life easier for the consumer while continuing to provide a water with an outstanding mineral content!

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3rd Thonon - Chateldon Trophy
The final of the third Thonon-Chateldon trophy competition took place at the Savoie Léman catering school on 29 March. It seeks to reward the best students from France’s catering schools and focuses on the art of receiving guests and serving at table. See the 2013 prize list.

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03/2013 - Health section
Bicarbonated waters: prejudices concerning salt content
In fact, we need to distinguish between salt (sodium chloride) and sodium bicarbonate. Any adult in good health can drink sodium bicarbonate mineral waters such as St-Yorre or VICHY Célestins on a day-to-day basis!

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03/2013 - Health section
Calcic or magnesian: natural mineral waters
are there for your day-to-day use.
Minerals provide us with day-to-day balance. Calcium, magnesium... each has its benefits. Discover Courmayeur and Rozana natural mineral waters.

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