Mineral water/Spring water

What is spring water?

Spring water is water from a groundwater source that is protected at a microbiological level from the risks of pollution. It is extracted in its natural state and guaranteed fit for human consumption.

What is natural mineral water ?

Natural mineral water is a true gift of nature, drawn from deep within an area that is sheltered from pollution caused by human activity.

Mineral water comes from a pure source, guaranteeing its microbiological safety and the long-term stability of its unique mineral composition. It is the only type of water to have health-giving properties, as recognised by the French Academy of Medicine.

Classification of water according to mineral content

Some types of water with low mineral content (less than 500 mg/l) may be recommended for infant feeding or people on low-sodium diets.

Water with moderate mineral content (500 mg/l to 1,500 mg/l) is suitable for everyday consumption by all people.

Mineral-rich waters (more than 1,500 mg/l) can top up daily mineral requirements while providing the body with various other health benefits.