eaux minerales naturelles gazeuses
Naturally sparkling
mineral waters
VICHY Célestins
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vichy celestins


With a special, unique flavour and fine bubbles to delight the palate, VICHY Célestins also has a remarkable mineral composition. It provides the minerals we need in daily life. VICHY Célestins is considered as a “beauty water”, the key to a radiant complexion.

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Mineral benefit

High mineral content
3325 mg/l

VICHY Célestins is very rich in minerals, with a high bicarbonate content (2989mg/l). Its benefits have been recognized by the French Academy of Medicine since 1861.

Average mineral content (mg/l)
Bicarbonates   2989   Sodium*   1172
Chlorides*   235   Potassium   103
Sulphates   138   Calcium   66
Fluorides   0,5   Magnesium   10
*0.39g of sodium chloride (salt) per liter


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