eaux minerales naturelles gazeuses
Naturally sparkling
mineral waters
   07- Ardèche


Originating in Vals-les-Bains, in the heart of the young Ardèche volcanoes, Vals mineral water takes its character and natural sparkle from the unspoilt depths. Recognized since 1602 and served at the Court of the Kings of France, Vals is one of the earliest springs to be used.

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Mineral benefit

Medium mineral content :
1100 mg/l

Vals is a bicarbonated water with a balanced mineral content, appreciated for its taste and benefits recognized by the French Academy of Medicine.

Average mineral content (mg/l)
Bicarbonates   1100   Sodium   381
Sulphates   45,1   Potassium   33,8
Chlorides   24,6   Calcium   22,2
Fluorides   1,7   Magnésium   13,5
Nitrates   <1        


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