eaux de source
mineral waters
74- Haute Savoie


Originating in the French Alps, Thonon offers the purity and the authenticity of a great mineral water and is well balanced in minerals. Light and pleasant to drink, it is suitable for anyone, at any time of day.

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Mineral benefit

Low mineral content: 342 mg/l

A perfect balance of minerals and essential trace elements, Thonon has a low mineral content. It is pure and balanced water.

Average mineral content (mg/l)
Calcium   92   Bicarbonates   340
Magnesium   19   Sulphates   20
Sodium   5,7   Chlorides   11
Potassium   <1   Nitrates*   8
  Fluorures   1
* Suitable for infant feeding (≤10 mg nitrates/l) – AFSSA
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