eaux minerales naturelles gazeuses
Naturally sparkling
mineral waters


Strong personality, bicarbonated, sparkling, highly invigorating, St-Yorre is a water for active people. It’s the key to staying in good shape day after day. Ask for the take-anywhere St-Yorre 50cl size.

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Mineral benefit

High mineral content
4774 mg/l

St-Yorre is rich in minerals (4774 mg/l) and helps to maintain personal balance in daily life. It is highly recommended at mealtimes and during sport to compensate for mineral losses after exercise.

Average mineral content (mg/l)
Bicarbonates   4368   Sodium*   1708
Chlorides*   322   Potassium   110
Sulphates   174   Calcium   90
Fluorures   1   Magnesium   11
*0.53g of sodium chloride (salt) per liter.
The range