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mineral waters
Saint Antonin
82-Tarn & Garonne


Saint Antonin natural mineral water is drawn from the heart of the Aveyron Gorges. Due to its exceptional properties, Saint Antonin has been considered for centuries as a treatment water. Its soft, pleasant taste appeals to the most demanding consumers.

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Mineral benefit

High mineral content :
2440 mg/l

Saint Antonin is a still water, with high magnesium and calcium contents. 1L every day is the natural way to provide 24% of daily magnesium intake.

Average mineral content (mg/l)
Calcium   568   Sulphates   1450
Magnesium   89   Bicarbonates   359
Sodium   7,9   Chlorides   9
Potassium   3   Nitrates*   < 1
* No nitrate content
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