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mineral waters
Saint Amand


Saint Amand natural mineral water comes from an “Artesian” spring. The water springs up naturally from a depth of 90 meters. It is therefore protected from all forms of pollution. Saint Amand offers a wide product range that meets all individual needs.

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Mineral benefit

Medium mineral content 
859 mg/l

Well-balanced in minerals, Saint Amand is suitable for the whole family’s daily consumption. Pure and preserved, this is one of the few mineral waters to have no nitrate content*.

Average mineral content (mg/l)
Calcium   176   Sulphates   372
Magnesium   46   Bicarbonates   312
Sodium   28   Chlorides   37
Potassium   5   Fluorures   1,3
        Nitrates   < 0,5
* <1mg/l
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