eaux de source
mineral waters


Montcalm natural mineral water is drawn from the Ariege, at a height of 1100 meters at the heart of the Auzat Valley. Since 2010, it is the first mineral water bottle made from 100% recycled plastic.

www.montcalm.fr (fr)
Mineral benefit

Low mineral content: 32 mg/l

Light, pure Montcalm is one of the waters with the lowest mineral content in Europe. Montcalm is recommended for infant feeding1 and is also suitable for low-sodium diets2.

Average mineral content (mg/l)
Calcium   3   Sulphates   10
Sodium   2,2   Bicarbonates   5,2
Magnesium   0,7   Nitrates   0,7
Potassium   0,6   Chlorides   0,6
1 ≤10mg nitrates/l – AFSSA
2 ≤20mg sodium/l
The range