eaux de source
mineral waters
It-Aosta Valley


Courmayeur natural mineral water rises up in Italy at the foot of the Mont Blanc. Courmayeur’s flavour is well-balanced. A fine, pleasant taste for a rich mineral water.

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Mineral benefit

High mineral content :
2170 mg/l

Courmayeur is very rich in minerals, with no calories! It contains magnesium, sulphate and calcium, but has a low sodium content1.

Average mineral content (mg/l)
Calcium   565   Sulphates   1477
Magnesium   56   Bicarbonates   130
Potassium   2,8   Nitrates   <2
Sodium   0,6   Fluorides   <1
        Chlorides   0,4

1Suitable for low-sodium diets (≤20 mg sodium/l).

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