Naturally sparkling mineral water
Naturally sparkling
mineral waters
63- Puy-de-Dôme


A rare mineral water, Chateldon springs up naturally sparkling in the heart of the Puy de Dome. It became known for its benefits in the courts of Louis XIV and Louis XV at Versailles and was recommended by the King’s doctors. Since then, this unique water has always been found on the most prestigious tables. (fr)
Mineral benefit

High mineral content :
1882 mg/l

Pleasing, lively and light, Chateldon contains delightfully tiny sparkling bubbles and gives you the best that nature has to offer: a fine taste, a high bicarbonate and calcium content.

Average mineral content (mg/l)
Bicarbonates   2075   Calcium   340
Sulphates   20   Sodium   240
Chlorides   7   Magnesium   49
Fluorides   2   Potassium   41
Nitrates   <1        
The range
Gamme chateldon