Mont Blanc, flavor of year 2015
Mont Blanc flavor of the year 2015 and congratulated by a jury of 15 dieticians. The natural mineral water Mont Blanc passed successfully the Gustative Examination®, this award allows the brand to distinguish itself as Flavor of 2015. Casted by a laboratory for sensory evaluation, MONT BLANC was tested and approved by a jury composed of not only consumers but above all of 15 dieticians who have all congratulated the brand with the final good score of 16.5/20. An exclusive methodology which checks on one hand its gustative and nutritional qualities and on the other hand the compliance with the production quality standards. The dieticians were pleased with “a water weakly mineralized, poor in sodium, without nitrates, so which suits to everybody even babies” “the origin of the Mont Blanc gives a feeling of purity”.
Mineral strength for the runners in the Paris 20 km race
Loyal to this national event in Paris and a partner for the past 11 years, St-Yorre will be on the "Pont d'Iena" this Sunday, October 13, to rehydrate and support the contestants.
Cristaline again voted "France's favourite water"!
According to the consultancy and market research agency "Promise Consulting Inc.", Cristaline has been voted "France's favourite water" with a 34% desirability score, ahead of Evian and Vittel. The study reinforces the research carried out by Toluna at the end of 2012, when Cristaline was named "France’s favourite drink".
Learn how to drink better!
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