Water for babies
After maternal milk, natural and low mineralised water is the best for baby bottle preparation. Water is the first constituent and principal element for each living entity. Babies’ bodies are composed of 75% of water and they are very sensitive to the dehydration. Babies lose a lot of water every day, through urine or perspiration.

Infant feeding is principally composed of milk, which provides much needed minerals for infants. So, the best choice, after maternal milk, for hydration and baby bottle preparation is low mineralised water.

After the birth, babies ‘immune system and some of their organs, such as kidneys are immature. That’s why infants need low nitrate water (<10 mg/l) and low mineralised (dry residue at 180°C <500mg/l) water because minerals contents in maternal milk and infant formula are enough to fulfill babies ‘needs.
It is better to choose natural mineral water or spring water rather than tap water which we don’t know the exact composition and which nitrate content can be more than 50mg/l.
Waters are controlled, and when they respect 42 requirements from European and French regulation, they are recommended for babies. The mention “appropriate for infant feeding” and baby logo are on the label.