Magnesium benefits
Magnesium is a mineral salt which participates to more than 300 chemical reactions in our organism. Our body contents 25g of magnesium in bones, muscles, hearth, liver and brain.

Magnesium is essential for organism, it is very important for the regulation of hearth rhythm, the transmission of nerve impulse, the muscle relaxation, and also for the mood regulation. It participates for the good functioning of intestinal transit, and involves in energy production.

As the organism doesn’t create magnesium, it is necessary to provide it with feeding or hydration.
Some food contents magnesium as chocolate. Mineral and magnesium waters (magnesium > 50mg/l) are useful to complete recommended daily amounts, as mineral water Rozana (magnesium: 160mg/l).
Rozana exists in 50 cl format.

In our body, magnesium can transform calories from food in energy using all day. It helps us to resist against tiredness, stress, momentary case of blues.