Since it was founded in 1954, ROXANE has enjoyed spectacular growth within the water and alcohol-free refreshing drink sectors.5 years after, Pierre PAPILLAUD took the lead of the company.

In 1991, ROXANE reinforced its position in the French market by creating Cristaline. The brand quickly became the leading bottled water consumed in France, and the most popular drink in France.

In 1993, with the acquisition of a strong brand portfolio (VICHY Célestins, St-Yorre, Thonon, Pierval and Vernière) ROXANE appeared among the top three players in the market.

Since the 2000s, ROXANE has stood out for its innovative sales and marketing strategy and has launched several brands: Courmayeur, Rozana and recently Mont Blanc mineral water. ROXANE has boosted its sales force and expertise in international markets. Today, ROXANE is established in over 70 countries, on 5 continents.

In 2012, ROXANE became a shareholder in the SAINT-AMAND Group. The new group is now consolidating its position in the bottled water market with brands such as Saint Antonin, Saint Amand and Montcalm.

 IRI market share volume 2013
2 Toluna 2012